Working towards a greener future

our philosophy

Every day flowers and plants are disappearing in the whole world and many of them are in danger of extinction. In Mexico still exist some endemic plants in lakes and swamps. Our proposition is to save them and reproduce them in our natural swimming pools by Naturgarten-Badeteich®. Taking a bath in the living waters of the natural pools filled with water plants and fauna you will feel like a part of creation. With your own natural pool Naturgarten-Badeteich® you will own an approved system in over hundreds of projects all over Europe and now in Tepoztlán.




workshop -  bioconstruction natural pool

During 5 days the landscape architect Robert Thöle showed the participants of the workshop everything there is to know about natural pools. All together we achieved to change a common pool into a precious natural pool. After two month the plants will have grown and we will share the final result with you. 

Meanwhile we´d like to say thanks to all the participants of the workshop, to our client, who trusted us with their home and Arquitectura en Armonía for making the workshop possible.